Information for Real-Estate Agents

As a Real-Estate Agent, we recognize the vital role that you play in the home buying process. Our goal is to help make your life easier & to support you as you work together with your client throughout the Due Diligence period. In combination with our standardized report writing software, we utilize a web-based platform to help simplify working with our company, IRB Inspector.Support.
IRB Inspector.Support: IRB Inspector.Support centralizes all the documents related to a home inspection (contracts, invoices, reports, supplementary documents, ...). An account with IRB Inspector.Support is not required to view files, however it does allow you to keep your inspections with Jim organized and in one location. If you have been provided with a username and password, you can use the client login portal on this page to login and access your account.
• Due Diligence Portal: Aside from signing contracts & delivering reports, IRB Inspector.Support contains a unique Due Diligence Portal. Through the Due Diligence Portal, you can view documents from third party specialists scheduled by Systematic Home Inspections (such as WDIR reports), create Action Item (Repair) Lists directly from inspection report items, and view repair estimates created by contractors from your lists. As a Real-Estate Agent, you also have access to unique options such as the ability to preview reports before your client.