For people with limited mobility, especially the elderly, getting around their homes can present a huge challenge. Each year there are many cases of elderly ones being injured because of a slip or fall in their own home. So, what are some ways we can prevent this from happening to our elderly loved ones?

Take a look around the home and think about what it is like for someone with limited mobility to move around in it. What are some of the more high-risk areas in the home? The bathroom is one room where slipping and falling are common. Make sure the bathroom has enough grab bars and is fitted with anti-slip bathmats both inside and outside the tub or shower.

Another area to watch out for is the positioning of corded appliances. They can become a dangerous tripping hazard or fire risk if they are stretching across walkthrough areas or underneath rugs, etc. Think about fixing cords against walls or even rearranging furniture so that appliances are close to electrical outlets.

The staircase is another high-risk area. Make sure that there are sturdy handrails on each side of the stairs. Rugs and carpets are big tripping hazards so make sure all rugs have a good rubber backing and check that any carpeting in the home has not become loose, especially on the stairs.

Yes, its good to regularly walk through the home of your elderly loved ones and make adjustments so as to minimize their risk of an accident.

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